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The Order of Pythagoras
Order of Pythagoras recipients

Established in 1962, The Order of Pythagoras recognizes contributions to Acacia Fraternity by those "serving beyond the ordinary call of duty." Election to the Order of Pythagoras is by the International Council and may include alumni, undergraduates and, occasionally, non-Acacians.

Acacia Fraternity is proud to have recognized hundreds of distinguished individuals with the the Order of Pythagoras Award. Listed below are the most recent recipients of this honor.

Recipients of the Order of Pythagoras:

Casey Chambers, California (PA)
Chip Brueckman, Cornell
Hanny Carp-Martinovici, Cornell
Sho Iketani, Cornell
Aditya Ramesh, Cornell
Thomas Schultz, Cornell
Noah Weingart, Cornell
Jeff Boaz, Illinois State
Timothy Cobert, Illinois Wesleyan
Harrsion Freeland, Illinois Wesleyan
Jeremy Fortier, Iowa
Shawn Morgan, Iowa
Steven Ries, Iowa
Andrew Doherty, Iowa State
Tom McGee, Iowa State
Brian Nelson, Kansas State
Colin Herbine, Millersville
Jeffrey Beeson, Missouri
Jonathan Harmacek, Ohio State
Greg Horvath, Ohio State
Matthew Karam, Ohio State
Thomas Kutscher, Ohio State
James Harstad, St. Cloud State
James Feng, Syracuse
George Ocasio, Syracuse
Eric Bingen, Wisconsin

Erik A Watson-Tamm, Carleton
Byron A. Tabor, Iowa
Derek E. Robison, Iowa State
Brandon W. Brunner, Kansas State
Garrett A. Kennedy, Kansas State
Nathan T. Rezac, Nebraska
Andrew N. Blejde, Purdue
Curtis R. Waltz, Wisconsin
Erc C. Bingen, Wisconsin
Peter E. Staloch, Wisconsin
Matthew C. Dunning, Wisconsin
Shawn Smet, Wisconsin

Bruce E. Carpenter, California PA
Logan N. Gleason, California PA
Ryan G.F. Hanson, Carleton
Michael T. Quinn, Carlton
Sean S. Spence, Carleton
Justin M.M. Kaplan, Carleton
Nathan A. Woolard, Central Oklahoma
Spencer A. Cummings, Colorado
Cody M. Glickman, Colorado
Stanley R. Niman, Cornell
Richard E. Rothman, Cornell
RIchard M. Corrales, Cornell
John M. Ertl, Cornell
Eric R. Ruzalski, Illinois
Kenneth A. Wagner, Illinois
James T. Wormley, Illinois
Philip W. Chapman, Illinois
David C. Thies, Illinois
Michael A. Conniff, Illinois
Adam Powers, Illinois
Dennis C. Bone, Illinois
Kenneth A. Moore, Illinois Wesleyan
Michael T. Grittani, Illinois Wesleyan
Riley B. Thiesfeld, Iowa State
Daniel A. Schwartzstein, Iowa State
Matthew H. Lundgren, Minnesota
Benjamin J. Rezac, Nebraska
Sean C. Keenan, Nebraska
Robert D. Welly, Ohio
Benjamin J. Haddad, Ohio
Joel A. Zeni, Oregon State
Ryan J. Mead, Penn State
George A. Ray, Penn State
Andrew J. Wright, St. Cloud State
Chad K. Olson, St. Cloud State
Gary V. Reiter, St. Cloud State
LeRoy L. Coleman, St. Cloud State
Jacob A. Sundquist, St. Cloud State
Jon E. Scholten, St. Cloud State
Amos D. Meyers, Shippensburg
Dong J. Lee, Syracuse
Vincent J. Arizzi, Tri-State
Dustin J. Reischman, Washingon State
Nicholas M. Montanari, Washingon State
Michael J. Schwartz-Oscar, Washingon State
Jeffrey C. McCrea, Washingon State

Harlan E. Lindberg, Colorado
Dustin S. Detzler, Indiana
Neil T. McDonald, Indiana
Kyle P. Simcoe, Indiana
Daniel N Congreve, Iowa State
Matthew B. England, Iowa State
Christopher D. Dolezal, Kansas State
Gary A. Patterson, Kansas State
Bern B. Hughes, Michigan
Capt. Fredric W. Rohm, Penn State
Quoc Tuan Tran Nguyen, Syracuse

Frank D. DeMarinis, Carleton
Ryan R. Wells, Central Oklahoma
Ryan M. Allen, Central Oklahoma
Ronald A. Mitchell, Colorado
Theodore J. Vanderveen, Colorado
Will B. Betchart, Colorado
Joshua D. Roth, Cornell
Nathan T. Roth, Cornell
Noah K. Santorello, Cornell
Tory J. Farney, Cornell
Tyler E. Huth, Cornell
Ryan A. Van Echo, Illinois
Eric W. Steiner, Indiana
Richard E. McNees, Indiana
Stephen T. McDonald, Indiana
Brett A. Eakin, Kansas State
Jason C. Fossella, Louisiana Tech
Stephen M. Johnston, Louisiana Tech
Bradford K. Mathews, Louisiana State
Stephen J. Scalise, Louisiana State
Rory J. Driscoll, Miami of Ohio
Ryan M. Foster, Miami of Ohio
William D. Reeder, Missouri
Justin M. Baldinger, Ohio
Tyler C. Heil, Ohio
Aaron J. Dearborn, Ohio State
Alex R. Douglas, Ohio State
Andrew K. McGowan, Ohio State
Brian J. Hemker, Ohio State
Corey M. Roblee, Ohio State
Dale R. Downie, Ohio State
Joshua J. Gannon, Oregon State
Nicholas J. Andruzzi, Penn State Altoona
Christopher J. Hathaway, Purdue
Timothy A. Werth, Purdue
Brian T. Biddle, St. Cloud State
Aaron A. Hollingsworth, Texas


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