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The International Council is the supreme executive and judicial body of Acacia. It implements all legislation passed by the International Conclave, establishes policies to meet situations that may arise between Conclaves, plans the overall programs of the fraternity, directs finances, handles public relations, and approves all international publications. The Council also grants recognition to Acacia colonies, grants and suspends charters, and suspends or expels members as provided in the Laws of Acacia. The International Council generally meets twice per year, though more often when required.

The International Council is composed of eight officers: a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, treasurer, counselor, judge advocate and two undergraduate counselors. Council members are elected by the International Conclave and serve, without pay, for terms of four years. The president, treasurer, and counselor are elected at one Conclave and the two vice-presidents and judge advocate (appointed) two years later, so that there are always experienced members on the Council. The undergraduate counselors are elected for two year terms and are elected at every Conclave.

Brother portrait
Brother Robert E. Roberson
Illinois Wesleyan '74

Brother portrait
Brother Scott H. Meyer
St. Cloud State '89
First Vice President

Brother portrait
Brother Jeremy N. Davis
Iowa State '00
Second Vice President

Brother portrait
Brother Anthony D.J. Phillips
Carleton '06

Brother portrait
Brother Brian Downs
Central Oklahoma '99
International Counselor

Brother portrait
Brother Maximilian J.B. Hopkins
California '80
Judge Advocate

Brother portrait
Brother George "Chip" A. Ray
Penn State '10
Undergraduate Counselor

Brother portrait
Brother Joel A. Zeni
Oregon State '10
Undergraduate Counselor
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Acacia Fraternity is always interested in adding qualified individuals to our Headquarters staff.

For more information, contact Executive Director Patrick McGovern at (317) 872-8210, or click here to inquire by email.

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