The Ars Nova rock the Prairie Crossroads Blues Society

The Ars NovaWhat’s that sound radiating outward from Champaign-Urbana in downstate Illinois? It’s blues-rock band The Ars Nova from the Illinois Chapter of Acacia! The four-piece ensemble competed on October 20th in the Prairie Crossroads Blues Society’s International Blues Challenge. The guys played an energetic set to a full house, with original songs featuring a heavy rock beat and some excellent guitar work. Though The Ars Nova missed out on first place and a trip to Memphis, their tight play after only one year playing together shows promise for a bright future.

Colorado Chapter forges ahead with groundbreaking new housing model

With an eye towards the future, the Colorado Chapter has broken ground on an ambitious new chapter housing project that keenly reflects current trends in collegiate housing. Nearly two years ago, alumni serving on the chapter’s housing corporation board envisioned a new model of fraternity living that will see the active chapter move from its 72-year old chapter house into a completely new apartment-style complex augmented by a state-of-the-art fraternity space. Colorado Chapter housing redevelopment

After conducting an exhaustive diligence process, the housing corporation board elected to work with experienced Boulder developers Michael Boyers & Brinkman Construction to develop the new complex. Consisting of two large residential buildings designed for modern student living, the facility is designed to be larger in scope than Acacia alone will occupy. Our brothers are granted rights of first refusal for all units, providing the chapter with as much space as necessary as the chapter grows. Through a joint venture, the entire complex is still under full ownership by the housing corporation board, and is operated under the terms of a "ground lease." The Plaza on Broadway is the first fraternity redevelopment in Boulder in over fifteen years.

The main chapter building includes 3,100 sq ft devoted to the exclusive use of Acacia brothers, including exceptional study facilities and social space. The impeccable space is designed to accommodate prominent guest speakers, hold educational seminars, and provide members with a supportive space for their academic pursuits. A large kitchen and dining area will provide members and guests with a central hub for dining and conversation, while the basement affords the chapter a place to watch sports, movies, and hold social functions. Additionally, the chapter has allocated space for a live-in residential advisor.

Adjacent residential units are commonly composed of four bedrooms and four baths, reflecting a "suite-style" living arrangement that colleges and universities are adopting nationwide. Each unit is afforded breathtaking views of the Flatiron mountains with a substantial balcony, a communal living room, and a kitchen outfitted with modern appliances.

955 Broadway demolition

To make way for the new facility, demolition of the old Acacia house at 955 Broadway took place on May 14, 2012, while alumni and actives witnessed the dramatic scene. The wrecking crew made short work of the art-deco style building that Acacians called home since 1940, and in a matter of only three hours, the facility was a pile of bricks and broken timber. With the site cleared and prepped, the official groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 14, and new construction followed suit at a fast and furious pace. The development is on track for an August 2013 opening, just in time for the fall semester at the University of Colorado.

The Colorado Chapter was re-chartered and named Best Young Chapter at the 56th Biennial Conclave in August 2010. The chapter was also awarded for Best Alumni Programming/Advisory at the 57th Biennial Conclave in 2012, in no small part due to the leadership of the housing corporation board during this redevelopment initiative.

This groundbreaking new housing project simultaneously reflects the Colorado Chapter’s progress since its 2008 re-founding and represents a great challenge and responsibility for its sustained success. For more information, visit the Colorado Chapter website at and the alumni website at

"The Memnon" Washington State Newsletter April 2011

State of the Colony Dear Brothers: When I was initiated into the Acacia Fraternity colony in spring of 2010, approximately one year ago the membership was at seven active members.  Washington State Acacia was practically an unknown entity on campus, and at the same time, we  were almost unable to fill our house that holds only six people.  We were getting by, but at a slow pace.

Now one year later with the guidance and strong leadership of fantastic Acacians we are in a position to have 26 members by the end of the spring 2011 semester, an increase of more than 300% of our membership at the beginning of the semester last year.  WSU Acacia is one of the up and coming fraternities on campus and is fueled by the passion for human service that a majority of members have come to find is their ultimate deciding factor for joining Acacia.  Acacia is incredibly recognizable on campus, especially with two of our members working for the Center for Civic Engagement on campus.

We are moving also moving into a new house next semester with 12 rooms.  Once we are able to make this our permanent home, could easily fit 16 members comfortably.  WSU Acacia is growing rapidly with members that are living up to the legacy of Acacia that has been passed to them and the momentum does not seem to have any signs of stopping.

We look forward to seeing you in Pullman.  Feel free to stop by and see the great things that are happening at Acacia!

Fraternally, Christopher Williams #847 Venerable Dean

Philanthropy on the Rise This past December, Acacia sponsored our annual Acacia Claus Holiday Toy Drive event, and it was a big hit. We had many guys come out and volunteer to stand out in the cold and accept donations for the children’s hospital. We raised over $4000 in toys that were donated to the hospital. It was  incredibly successful and we all had a really good time. Also, for this past semester, we were one of two fraternities that achieved having 80% of their members meet the minimum IFC philanthropy requirement of 8 hours. We had 100% of our guys obtain our individual chapter’s 12 hour minimum community service requirements, which is 150% of the 8 hours that WSU IFC requires. In the upcoming months, we have a couple different philanthropies scheduled which include a food drive, helping out with a family fair, and our second annual 5k Fun Run.  One of the main programs of our pledge education process is a community service project that the pledge class puts on and we have the highest expectations for our current 9 person pledge class to have a successful project.

Andrew Kim Philanthropy Chairman

Recruitment & New Member Update Rush Chair: In the spring of 2010, we recruited five new members, followed with eight in the fall. Coming into the spring semester of 2011, I had high expectations for rush. Our goal was ten and we almost reached that with our nine new pledges.  We could have easily reached our goal of ten just by body pledging, but as it is now, we have nine good and dedicated new members. Our success was due to scheduling event after event, giving our current members more of an opportunity to bring potential new members to meet the brothers. We hosted poker nights, going to the hookah bar, theaters, YouTube night, and various other activities. These nine men will compose the spring pledge class and with their help, we are continuing to recruit men to be initiated in the coming fall.

Senior Dean/Pledge Ed: We have completed 2 weeks of pledge education starting with making goals for the semester and general Acacia information and continuing into the rest of the information. This semester we are working on integrating Cornerstones into our pledge education. We have already begun to learn songs such as “The Toast” and “We’re the Men from Acacia”. This past Presidents Day weekend, we had our pledge retreat in Spokane, including some fun brotherhood events; lunch at Neato Burrito, paintball, dinner at Red Robin, and spending the night at a hotel. It was a tight fit with all nine pledges and seven of the active members cozying up in two rooms!  The next morning started with breakfast at Carl’s Jr. and then a trip home.  What was one of the best moments of the weekend?  Having the chance to shoot each other with paintballs!

We performed two installments of pledge ceremonies this semester in which the night before we hosted brotherhoods. The first time we executed the “Bond.” Each guy was given a candle and a lit candle was placed in the middle of a dark room. Each member got to take the lit candle to a member he wished to share why he appreciated he was in the fraternity. The member talking then would light the candle of whom he talked about and he, in turn, would choose the next member and so on.  At the end, each member had a chance to speak about someone and be spoken about, as once your candle was lit, a member could not choose you again. The night before the second pledge ceremony, we did a brotherhood where each person in the circle was given the chance to explain why he joined Acacia – a simple, yet incredibly profound event.

We are looking to have a chapter retreat the first weekend of April and Initiation is scheduled for April 15-17.  We look forward to another good alumni turnout! It always enhances the experience and makes it more meaningful for everyone.

Nick Montanari #837 Senior Dean

Socially Speaking! The Washington State University colony of Acacia has become very active in the Greek community in the past semester.  The colony has had its first exchange since its re-colonization, and has also secured Homecoming pairs for the next fall semester.  For Homecoming  2011 , we will be partnering with the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi, and the fraternities of Farmhouse, and Sigma Pi. Homecoming is scheduled for October 15, 2011.  Mark your calendars now!

The colony is also very excited for the upcoming Greek Week, we are partnered with Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta Upsilon. The brothers have been very busy in preparation for the upcoming events.

Maintaining a balance between Human Service, school work, and social life is the key to a happy and healthy college student!

Jeff McCrea #854 Social Chairman

Brother Spotlight Brother Cameron Bullock #858, is one of the newest members of Acacia Fraternity at Washington State University as well as our current Scholarship Chairman.  Brother Bullock transferred to Washington State University from Pierce College with a 3.8 GPA on a 4.0 Scale. With his outstanding SAT scores Brother Bullock has full-ride scholarship through Pierce College and WSU as an excellent math major student.

Cameron Bullock has dedicated a great amount of time and energy into community service since becoming an Acacian.  During our Acacia Claus in fall 2010, Brother Bullock dedicated his time by tabling for our toy drive everyday throughout the entire week.

As our Scholarship Chairman, he has been reserving times and spaces for study tables about 12 to 15 hours a month for the rest of the brothers to study. He has been providing academic advice, tutoring opportunities and peer tutors to serve the best of our academic interest.

Matt Wu Brotherhood Chairman

Nebraska Chapter "Acacia Open 2011"

The Acacia Open returns this year after a brief hiatus to the Knolls Golf Course in Omaha, NE -  Saturday, June 25th, 2011.  The format for this tournament will be a four man scramble with a shotgun start.

Each team will consist of four Brothers.  You can submit as a four man team, as an individual, as a pair, etc.  Brothers that submit as some combination other than a full team will be matched with other Brothers in order to create a four man team.

The cost of the event will be $60.00 per person which includes 18 holes of golf, a cart and your choice of lunch item (burger or brat and a bag of chips) and various pin prizes.  Your entry fee is due at registration.

Registration will start at 8:00 a.m. at the Knolls Golf Course and the shotgun start will begin at 8:30 a.m.

Please RSVP for the Open by emailing or phoning the following:
Chad Hartnett               (402) 960-1251
Nate Rezac                           (402) 669-3653

Details for Event: 

The Knolls Golf Course
11630 Sahler Street
Omaha, NE 68164
(402) 493-1740

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
Cost: $60 per Brother
Registration 8:00 a.m.
44 Golfers (teams of 4) with room for additional Brothers. 

Directions to the course are the following:
From I-80
·      From I-80 going W, take 680 N and turn off on the Maple St exit and turn W.
·      Go to 120 st. and go N to Old Maple Road.
·      Old Maple Road is your first right on 120 going N.
Go accross the bridge and take your first left and this will lead to the Knolls Clubhouse.
Or just break out your Garmin.