Founders Day of Giving

For the first time ever we created a day that is solely dedicated to the philanthropic concept of giving! We also wanted to make it a day all our own. One that isn't tied to internet fads, or widely commercialized holidays. No, we wanted to develop a day that Acacians could always harken back to. The day is May 12th, the anniversary of the founding of Acacia Fraternity by 14 master masons in the third floor of the University of Michigan library. 

Here is the part where we could use your help. Regardless of your affiliation to Acacia, we want you to consider giving a gift on May 12th to help benefit one of our many chapter-specific funds, or simply one of our general purpose funds.  The Foundation supports the Fraternity’s leadership training, educational endeavors, educational portions of fraternity house structures, and scholarships to deserving Acacians around North-America. 


We hope to make Giving Day an annual tradition. The more individuals who support this initiative year after year, the easier it will be to support our scholarship funds, leadership academies, and new initiatives for years to come. Through these programs and your gifts, we will be able to provide a fine fraternal experience for our future brothers.

If you would like to be featured in any of our campaigns moving forward, please contact the fraternity headquarters We would love to hear how Acacia influenced your life. Why do you continue to support the Fraternity or your local chapter? How have you given not only through finances, but volunteering? What is your #BecauseAcacia story?

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If you have any questions regarding Founders Day of Giving then please contact Director of Alumni Affairs Jackson Aaberg at: or (317) 695-3142