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Individual Award Winners


The Award of Merit

Introduced at Acacia's Golden Anniversary celebrations in 1954, the Award of Merit is one of Acacia's highest honors. It is given to "brothers who have given of their time and substance unstintingly for the promotion and furtherance of Acacia, both nationally and locally, and brothers who have rendered outstanding service in their chosen fields, and have attained high position therein, thus exemplifying the motto of Acacia, human service, and the teachings of the fraternity, which constantly admonish our members to prepare themselves as educated men to take a more active part in their communities."

Unknown Year
John O. Bronson, Mississippi State
Vonus L. Ellis, Miami of Ohio
Steven A. Gamble, Georgia
Philip W. Cramer, Ohio State

Roscoe Pound, Nebraska
Lloyd V. Berkner, Minnesota
Pembroke H. Brown, Illinois
Herschel L. Washington, Kansas
Harry A. Finney, Northwestern
Ned H. Dearborn, Columbia
Robert C. Lewis, Colorado
Walter W. Kolbe, Northwestern
Roy C. Clark, Northwestern
David A. Embury, Columbia
Willard A. Knapp, Purdue
Robert C. Bradley, Cornell
George E. Nitzsche, Franklin
Lloyd H. Ruppenthal, Kansas

Dr. Nathan D. Harwood, Kansas State
Vernon D. Foltz, Kansas State

William E. Krieger, Illinois
Charles A. Sink, Michigan
Ernest R. Ringo, Michigan
Harvey R. Amos, Southern California
William S. Dye, Penn State
John A. Lunsford, Colorado
Edward B. Meriwether, Chicago
Thomas E. Warring, Indiana
Lester G. Ruch, Indiana
Frank H. Reinsch, UCLA
Walter R. Kolbe, Iowa State
Paul A. Gilman, New Hampshire
George E. Condra, Nebraska
Francis H. Case, Northwestern
Oliver N. Bruck, Texas
Keller E. Beeson, Purdue
Thomas M. Herman, Michigan
Theodore H. Tapping, Michigan
Norman C. Saatjian, Long Beach
Marion H. Huber, Cincinnati
Frank M. Holloway, Texas
Marvin W. Logan, Iowa
Delmer M. Goode, Minnesota
George Elmer Ekblaw, Illinois
C. Lenton Sartain Jr., Louisiana State
Raymond E. Bivert, Oklahoma State
George F. Patterson, Cincinnati
Edwin J. Taylor, Ohio
Lafayette W. (Pete) Knapp Jr., Cornell

Luther A. Smith, Southern Mississippi
Harvey A. Miller, Michigan
Wallace N. Jamie, Southern California
William B. Dexter, Washington
Ray C. Thomas, Indiana
Nugent E. Fitzgerald, Missouri
James E. Webb, North Carolina
Judge Homer Thornberry, Texas
Herbert P. Wagner, Michigan

Darrel S. Metcalfe, Iowa State
William R. Hockenberry, Franklin
Henry L. Stevens, New Hampshire
Christopher K. Gabriel, Oregon State
Harvey L. Logan, Long Beach
Jesse B. Beaird, Jr., Oklahoma

Frank H. Mendell, Iowa State
George E. Frazer, Wisconsin
William L. Walker, Nebraska
Leonard E. Wood, Kansas State
Bertram D. Thomas, Washington

Audrey A. Potter, Kansas State

Roy F. Miller, Washington
G.K. Nelson, Penn State
Irving M. Field, Missouri
Henry L. Kibler, Indiana
Fred B. Morris, Cornell
James H. Ferguson, Indiana

Edwin P. Kohler, Penn State
Ralph V. Hoffman, Illinois
Calvin O. Hultman, Iowa State
Thomas W. Ayton, Wisconsin

Herbert R. Alcorn, Missouri School of Mines
Thomas E. Bolman, Miami of Ohio
Joseph F. Reed, Long Beach
Jacob P. Wegmuller, Iowa
Evert F. Lindquist, Iowa

Lester N. Liebel, Washington State
Richard T. Albagli, Rensselaer
John W. Black, Penn State
David B. Williams, Illinois Wesleyan
Oliver T. Joy, Nebraska

Fred W. McPeake, Tennessee
H. Keith Sawyers, Iowa State
David J. Allen, Indiana
George C. Crooks, Vermont
Clarence R. Jacoby, Shippensburg
Paul P. Ashley, Washington
David J. Williams, Washington

W. Thomas Nelson, Jr., Purdue
John F. Hoffner, Purdue
Dan A. Hildebrand, Nebraska
Lawrence L. Wisdom, Kansas State
James T. Hall, Vermont
W.M. Wingren, California
Dallas M. Gandy, Central State Oklahoma

John Robert Stevenson, St. Cloud State
Jon S. Fuerstneau, Minnesota
Larry B. Forsland, Minnesota

Donald W. Solanas, Jr., Louisiana State
Daniel V. Albano, Illinois
Markham C. Wakefield, Indiana
Arthur D Lautzenheiser, Indiana
C. Thomas Lechner, Penn State
Harold E. Edgerton, Nebraska

Marvin E. Rothhaar, Ohio State
W.G. Pinnell, Indiana

Scott M. Valley, Washington State
Jed W. Morris, Washington State
Otto W.Schrader, California
Wayne H. Holtzman, Northwestern
Ray S. Erlandson, Wisconsin
C.F.K. Cole, Texas
Captain Duncan McPherson, California

Fredrick C. Garrott, Illinois
Clive Follmer, Illinois

Stanley C. Acree, Oklahoma State
Clifton K. Hillegass, Nebraska

Richard L. Heino, Wyoming
John J. Zentgraf, Shippensburg
James E. Bieber, New Hampshire
Orval M. Conner, Nebraska
L. Craig Fulmer, Indiana
Darold W. Larson, Washington State

James C. Showacre, Cornell

Robert Keith Hampe, Washington State
Ronald T. Hopkins, Syracuse
John H. Nourse, Ohio State
Robert L. Marshall, Miami of Ohio
William A. Utic, Cornell

John R. Moser, Miami, Miami of Ohio

Robert E. Jepson, Kansas State
Mark R. Guidry, Louisiana State
James O. Richardson, Indiana
Ronald E. Carter, Indiana
David A. Luecke, Miami of Ohio
Nolan G. Crawford, Miami of Ohio
Daniel F. Bassill, Illinois Wesleyan

Jay H. Geshay, Purdue
Max F. Spaulding, Indiana
Richard E. Ford, Indiana
Larry J. Kelly, Indiana

Dr. L. Dennis Smith, Indiana
Brian C. Montgomery, Miami of Ohio
George C. Woolsey, California

William J. Gammie, Washington State
Joseph A. Lowe, California

Christ Drossos Jr., Indiana
Michael P. Fillman, Western Ontario
Gerald C. Cook, Shippensburg
John B. Lane, Vermont
Paul M. Vos, Purdue

Keith M. Bushey, Indiana
J. Scott Cleland, Ohio

George A. Levesque, Carleton
James L. Ernette, Franklin
John W. Wedgwood, Purdue
Hal D. Hanes, Indiana
Roger A. Nealis, Indiana
Phillip M. Zook, Indiana
Larry E. Schroeder, Georgia
Douglas F. Trumbower, Penn State

Dean R. Blanken, Colorado
William J. Mollere, Louisiana State
Dean A. Huprich, Ohio
J. Dennis Bassett, Kansas State
R. Daniel Wilkes, Iowa

William M. Riley, Kansas State
Harry A. Spencer, Nebraska
William C. Hasting, Nebraska

R. Earl Snapp, Cincinnati
John Beering, Purdue
Dewayne Ullsperger, Nebraska
Jeffrey Jordan, Ohio State
Christopher Carpentier, Indiana
Craig Johnson, Louisiana State
Steven L. Stein, Cornell

David Loren Day, Ohio
Kevin R. Cheesebrough, Penn State
Joseph John Lundy, Penn State
Edward S. Knight, Texas
Robert E. Roberson, Illinois Wesleyan
Leonard W. Kearney, Oregon State
Thomas J. DeRue Jr., Indiana

Samuel B. Unger, Kansas State
Daniel D. Bayston, Illinois
Maximilian J.B. Hopkins, California
John B. Pugh, Iowa State
Frank Douglas Staley Jr., Indiana
Harold D. Zarr, Iowa State

James L. McFarland, Wisconsin
Michael A. Blood, Illinois Wesleyan
Phillip T. Wilson, Illinois Wesleyan
Melvin W. Rapp, Illinois

Brian S. Downs, Central Oklahoma
Thomas J. Balcerski, Cornell
Arthur E. Mertes, Illinois
David S. Baum, Indiana
James N. Reichard, Louisiana State
Corey S. Oakley, Ohio
Martin T. McKnight, Oregon State
Barry F. Baxter, Texas
John H. Peper, Texas

Stewart L. Burger, Cornell

Matheau P. Luers, Indiana
John C. Barber, M.D., Purdue
Gary J. Haag, Kansas State
Gregory J. Owen, Carleton                                         Zilmon Smith, Texas

Robert L. Carstens, Iowa State
Carl J. Denbow, Ohio
George B. Jackson, Penn State
Patrick W. McGovern, Indiana

Edward A. Cunnington, Minnesota
Jeremy N. Davis, Iowa State
Michael A. Duncan, Illinois
Dr. David R. Fischell, Cornell
Larry B. Forsland, Minnesota
Bern B. Hughes, Michigan
Scott H. Meyer, St. Cloud State
Robert W. Mickam, Texas
Kenneth M. Renslow, St. Cloud State
Lucas D. Shivers, Kansas State

Brian R. Durst, Wisconsin
Richard S. Rasmussen, California

Bradon S. Nelson, Kansas State
Brian C. Nelson, Kansas State
Michael A. Pastko, Purdue                                         Art Stein, Purdue
Anthony D.J. Phillips, Carleton
Donald W. Sabo, Washington
Stephen J. Scalise, Louisiana State
Byron A. Tabor, Iowa                                                 Andrew Stout, Cal Poly

2015                                                                      Robert Travnicek, M.D., Kansas                                 James Katsaounis, Ohio

2016                                                                         Jeffrey Lindauer, Indiana                                           Lamar Tims, Texas   

Donald W. Solanas Jr. Award

The Donald W. Solanas Jr. Award was established in 2015 to recognize a lifetime of service to Acacia in the spirit of its namesake.

2015 Donald W. Solanas Jr., Louisiana State

George F. Patterson Jr. Outstanding Alumnus Award

The George F. Patterson Award is Acacia's most prestigious individual award and is given annually in honor of Brother Patterson's many years of service to Acacia and the Interfraternity movement. It recognizes Acacia alumni whose contributions to the fraternity are both sustained and outstanding.

1980 George F. Patterson Jr., Cincinnati
1981 Delmer M. Goode, Minnesota
1982 Oliver N. Bruck, Texas
1984 Leonard E. Wood, Kansas State
1985 Lester N. Liebel, Washington State
1986 Roy M. Miller, Washington
1987 G.K. Nelson, Penn State
1988 Arthur D Lautzenheiser, Indiana
1989 Joseph F. Reed, Long Beach
1990 C. Lenton Sartain Jr., Louisiana State
1991 Irving M. Field, Missouri
1992 David J. Allen, Indiana
1993 H. Keith Sawyers, Iowa State
1994 L. Craig Fulmer, Indiana
1995 Duncan McPherson, California
1996 William A. Utic, Cornell
1997 Richard E. Ford, Indiana
1998 John F. Hoffner, Purdue
1999 Donald W. Solanas Jr., Louisiana State

2000 Jed W. Morris, Washington State
2000 James H. Ferguson, Indiana
2001 Mark R. Guidry, Louisiana State
2002 Darold W. Larson, Washington State
2003 Marvin Rothhaar, Ohio State
2004 Gerald C. Cook, Shippensburg
2005 Dewayne E. Ullsperger, Nebraska
2006 Robert E. Roberson, Illinois Wesleyan
2007 Kevin R. Cheesebrough, Penn State
2008 Leonard W. Kearney, Oregon State
2009 Larry E. Schroeder, Georgia
2010 Keith M. Bushey, Indiana
2011 Ronald T. Hopkins, Syracuse
2012 Melvin W. Rapp, Illinois
2013 Harold D. Zarr Jr., Iowa State
2014 William M. Riley Jr., Kansas State               2015 Jeff Jordan, Ohio State
2016 Stewart Burger, Cornell

Roy C. Clark Outstanding Acacian Award

Brother Roy C. Clark — often referred to as "Mr. Acacia" — was a devoted Acacian who served the fraternity in a number of capacities, including that of National Executive Secretary from 1947-1966. The award dedicated to him in 1966 is presented annually to an undergraduate who most nearly exemplifies the outstanding attributes of Brother Clark — Perseverance, Integrity, Foresight, Loyalty, Devotion, Wisdom and Leadership.

1967 Richard F. Allen, Rensselaer
1968 William C. Wolford, Iowa State
1969 Robert D. Paine, Washington State
1970 Thomas J. Neis, Illinois Wesleyan
1971 Robert A. Schlomann, Purdue
1972 W. Sandy Cain, Illinois State
1973 Bruce E. Frazey, Kansas
1974 Charles F. Martin, Purdue
1975 Carrol E. Delacroix III, Louisiana State
1976 Gary F. Smith, Penn State
1977 Lawrence H. Hoskins, Louisiana State
1978 Barry F. Baxter, Texas
1979 Robert J. Jones, Oklahoma State
1980 Robert M. Jarvis, Northwestern
1981 Joel V. Anderson, Nebraska
1982 Joseph A. Homans, Washington State
1983 W. Jeffrey Neal, Kansas State
1984 David E. Conner, Purdue
1985 Dewayne E. Ullsperger, Nebraska
1986 Steven F. Carlson, Washington State
1987 Timothy M. Conlin, Louisiana State
1988 F. Howard Halderman, Purdue
1989 Robert G. Mooth, Indiana
1990 Cory M. Bowman, Franklin
1991 Addison J. Hilliard, Louisiana State
1992 Frank J. Ligas, Indiana
1993 Ryan M. Johnston, Indiana
1993 Gary J. Haag, Kansas State

1994 Joshua D. Herrenkohl, Miami of Ohio
1995 Nelson L. Jacobus, Purdue
1996 Michael C. Kovacs, Indiana (PA)
1997 Gregory M. Quebe, Purdue
1997 Anthony D. Prettyman, Kansas State
1998 Aaron P. Darcy, Indiana
1999 Ali M. Azim, Indiana
1999 Jarrett E. Jobe, Central Oklahoma
2000 Dominick F. Impastato III, Louisiana State
2001 Bradley S. Schmidt, Cornell
2002 Patrick W. McGovern, Indiana
2003 Ian E. Finn, California (PA)
2004 Matthew E. Foss, Indiana
2005 Christopher B. Bader, Illinois
2006 Joseph W. Butler, Penn State
2007 Shaun E. Clair, Penn State
2008 Jacob L. Sloan, Texas
2009 Brett A. Eakin, Kansas State
2010 Brandon J. Behrens, Iowa State
2011 Joshua J. Gannon, Oregon State
2011 Justin M.M. Kaplan, Carleton
2011 Michael S. Weber, Iowa State
2012 Nicholas M. Montanari, Washington State
2013 Sean C. Keenan, Nebraska
2014 Mitchell Oldenberg, Louisiana State
2014 Sabarinath Sankaranarayanan, Ohio State

Order of Pythagoras

Established in 1962, The Order of Pythagoras recognizes contributions to Acacia Fraternity by those "serving beyond the ordinary call of duty." Election to the Order of Pythagoras is by the International Council and may include alumni, undergraduates and, occasionally, non-Acacians.

Acacia Fraternity is proud to have recognized hundreds of distinguished individuals with the the Order of Pythagoras Award. Listed below are the most recent recipients of this honor (2016):


Benjamin Turconi, California

Zach Linkenheimer, California (PA)

John Ford, California (PA)

Timothy Nagy, California (PA)

Raplh Vigliotti, California (PA)

Eric Halahan, California (PA)            

Michael Russell, California (PA)    

Chris Kolberg, Carleton

Jerod Miles, Central Oklahoma

Michael Moore, Central Oklahoma

David Carson, Colorado

Donald Jones, Colorado

Timothy Campbell, Colorado

Hunter Reid, Cornell

Frank Cassata, Illinois State

Ryan Fergeson, Illinois State

David Schoon, Indiana

Randy Shoup, Indiana

Dan Stence, Iowa

Thom Powell, Iowa

Dale Weber, Iowa State

Drew Sherman, Iowa State

Dallas Nelson, Kansas State

Jackson Aaberg, Missouri

Logan Hughes, Missouri

Timothy Hartshorn, Nebraska

Daniel Lang, Northwestwern

Ryan Connelly, Ohio

Ian Hawes, Oregon State

Charles Kinzel, Oregon State

Michael Oldt, Penn State

Alex McKenzie, St. Cloud State

Alan Scher, Wisconsin

Kurt Johnson, Wisconsin

David Engeldinger, Wisconsin

James Grant, Washington State

Kenneth Christenson, Washinton State

Gordon Olson, Washington State

Tom Shelton, Texas