There are numerous ways to give back to Acacia through the Acacia Fraternity Foundation. Whether you prefer to donate online by credit card, with a personal check, or through a planned gift, we can work together to accommodate your needs and have the greatest impact on Acacia. Please contact AFF Executive Director Darold Larson at (317) 771-1740, or by email at

The Exceptional Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund) directs 70% of your contribution for current funding priorities and 30% will be go to restricted and/or unrestricted funds. Please choose the fund or funds of your choosing. For more information on these Funds please visit Many thanks for your generous support!

Donate Online

Choose a fund below to direct your gift:

The Acacia Fraternity Foundation accepts the following opportunities to contribute:


While visiting the transaction form under Order/Transaction Information please designate the fund of choice (highlighted in yellow below):

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For more information on the Exceptional Fund please contact Darold Larson at or at 317-771-1740. Many thanks for your generous support!

Donate by check

Checks can be mailed to the Acacia Fraternity Foundation office in Indianapolis. Please designate if you wish to direct your contribution to the Exceptional Fund, a specific scholarship fund, or chapter fund account.

Acacia Fraternity Foundation
12721 Meeting House Road
Carmel, IN 46032


The current economic climate may make sense for some of our alumni to donate investments that they have made in the stock of publicly traded companies as opposed to a direct cash donation. These donations are deposited directly with the Acacia Fraternity Foundation.

1. Contact your stock broker and tell them you want to make a direct transfer of stock to a charity. 

2. Ask the broker to transfer the investment to: 
Acacia Fraternity Foundation

3. The tax-identification number for the AFF is:

4. The “receiving firm” for the stock is:

UBS Financial Services Inc.
DTCC #0221
FBO Acacia Fraternity Foundation
Account #2H-00XXX
(The full account number has been masked for security purposes)

5. Notify Darold Larson (317) 771-1740 or Also, please feel free to contact our UBS Representative, Stephanie Doane at (317) 816-1833. She will assist you and help facilitate the transfer.


Commonly referred to as the 1904 Society, the Foundation donation portal gives opportunity for donors to make recurring gifts. Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or other multiple/split giving, the AFF seeks to build a culture of continuous, life-long giving.

The 1904 Society allows alumni to alternate gifts to specific programs and/or accounts and may be an ideal way to make your donation by automatic withdrawal from a credit card or checking account.


Direct transfers of funds from an IRA to the Foundation are an easy method for some of our senior alumni. If you are retired with an IRA from which you must make minimum withdrawals, this might well be an ideal way to meet your obligations under the law. 

There are six basic rules that apply to these types of transfers, which are as follows:
1. You must be at least 70 1/2 years of age.
2. You can donate a maximum of $100,000 in total per person per year to charity.
3. You must transfer the funds directly from the IRA to the eligible charity. They cannot “pass through” the donor to the charity.
4. You cannot donate the funds to a donor-advised fund or a private foundation.
5. It cannot be used for transfers from 401(k) accounts.
6. IRA sponsors do not have to include the IRA donation on the 1099-R tax form, so you need to keep your own records when compiling your tax returns.

The steps required to complete these types of transfers are: 
1. Contact the IRA administrator where your funds are located and tell them you want to make a direct transfer of funds to a charity. 
2. Have the check made out to: 
Acacia Fraternity Foundation
3. The tax-identification number for the AFF is: 35-1778332
4. Mail the check to: 
Acacia Fraternity Foundation
12721 Meeting House Rd.
Carmel, IN 46032

While this donation is not tax-deductible, it is also not included as part of your adjusted gross income. They may effectively reduce your taxable income and it may help you to lower or avoid the 3.8% surtax on net investment income, payments for Medicare premiums, or possibly even taxes on your Social Security payments. Just be certain to discuss this type of transfer in advance with your tax advisor to ensure that everything is done properly.