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Donald W. Solanas, Jr. (1949- )


In summer 2015, the International Council of Acacia established a new award – the Donald W. Solanas, Jr. Lifetime Service to Acacia Award – in recognition of the service of Brother Solanas, Louisiana State '68. Don's long and distinguished history of leadership and dedication to our Fraternity serves as an inspiration to all Acacians with whom he has personally connected, and countless brothers who have benefited from Don’s efforts without having ever met or been made aware of his contributions.

From his early days when he served as Venerable Dean of the Louisiana State Chapter and as the first Undergraduate Counselor on Acacia’s National Council, to his tenure as LSU Chapter Advisor and Acacia Regional Counselor, to his further service as International Second Vice President and International President, and finally his decade-plus of service to the Acacia Fraternity Foundation including a term as AFF President, Brother Solanas has set an example within our Fraternity that other brothers can only aspire to emulate.

All of these accomplishments are of significant enough note to merit his recognition as a Notable Acacian. However, to those who know Don personally, these titles and positions alone do not fully express the breadth of Don’s impact or the impeccability of his character or size of his heart. With the unfailing support and grace of his wife, Ann, Don’s presence epitomizes generosity and brotherhood. His gatherings are among many an Acacians’ favorite memories, and each Acacia event to come brings the promise of another cherished round at the Ritual Bar. Brother Solanas' Acacia career is unsurpassed by even the most dedicated of Brothers.