Medical Good Samaritan Policy

If a member assists another person or himself in obtaining immediate and appropriate medical care related to the use or consumption of alcohol, drugs, or to another medical emergency, then that member, as well as those who are assisted, will not be subject to individual disciplinary action from the International Fraternity with respect to the incident. This is the case even if the member who is assisting was a contributing factor to that emergency. An individual may benefit from this policy more than once, though repeated use of the policy may receive stricter scrutiny.

Should a situation arise in which a member or guest needs medical help, a member should IMMEDIATELY call 911 and get them the help that is needed. Immediately after calling 911, Venerable Deans should call the Assistant Executive Director Michael Weber at (515) 291-8718 and their Chapter Advisor.

Who To Contact:
Michael Weber
Assistant Executive Director
P: (515) 291-8718