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Acacia Fraternity is not the oldest, or the largest, or the most widely known of college fraternities, but our origin is distinctive, and our record distinguished. From leading roles in business and government, to education and the arts, Acacians are unique among fraternity men. It all begins with the life-changing experience to pledge Acacia.

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Joining Acacia Fraternity was the best move I made in college. I was hesitant at first, but I joined the fraternity for leadership experience and lifelong friendship. As I grew in school, my friendships, experiences, and memories grew, as well. My undergraduate experience was a terrific one and allowed me to meet many people and experience many things I could never have achieved through academics alone.
— Ryan Dawald, St. Cloud State Chapter

A values-based Fraternity experience.

Acacia is a non-hazing, non-discriminatory organization. With a motto of Human Service and core values of Virtue, Knowledge & Truth, our members enjoy a positive fraternal experience. Acacians know how to have fun, too. From regular social mixers with sororities and other organizations, to intramural athletics, campus events, and alumni outings - there is always something exciting to do with your brothers in Acacia.


Fraternity men find greater success after college.

Studies by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and Gallup Research indicate that fraternity men and sorority women are more likely to excel in all areas of well-being: Purpose, Social, Financial, Community, and Physical. Fraternity men enjoy greater workplace engagement and feel more prepared for life after college. From specific programs to the very nature of communal living and organizational management, Acacia truly fulfills its vision of "Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders."

I will never be able to give back to Acacia a fraction of what it has given to me. Not only did I meet the men who are still, years later, my best friends, I continue to meet brothers from many walks of life; this has allowed me to develop the interpersonal skills that have served me in my personal and professional endeavors. Acacia made not only my college experience more rewarding; it has made my life more rewarding.
— Thomas DeRue, Jr., Indiana Chapter

Cornerstones: Acacia's membership development program

Acacia's Cornerstones program provides a foundation upon which our members build habits to succeed on campus and in life after college. With a focus on goal-setting and experiential learning, the Cornerstones Personal Development Program provides a framework for individual success and personal growth. At the chapter level, Cornerstones promotes a combination of guest speakers and presentations that encourage mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth.

Scholarship Programs

The Acacia Fraternity Foundation awards thousands of dollars of scholarships every year to deserving undergraduate members, both at the International level and through chapter endowments. Additionally, gifts made by generous Foundation donors help support our members in attending International Acacia events like Conclave and the Acacia Leadership Academy.

Acacia Fraternity sort of found me during my freshman year at Syracuse University. I thought I didn’t want anything to do with the Greek community, but there was an alumni group that was looking to restart the chapter. Over time the idea of starting a colony and watching it develop began to appeal to me, so I took a chance at what I now know was a great opportunity. I was the first pledge and eventually headed the colony as its President.
— Paul Dimoh, Syracuse Chapter

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Start a new Chapter

Is there not an Acacia chapter or colony on your campus? Would you like to start one? Starting a new chapter of Acacia - by first forming colony and then growing into a chapter - is one of the most rewarding experiences available to you as a college man.

Like any opportunity worth pursuing, the privilege of bringing Acacia to your campus does not present itself without certain requirements and responsibilities. Simply put, being part of a new fraternity requires diligence and dedication, and by utilizing proven time management skills and keeping academics as your top priority, you can get more out of college than you ever imagined.

You'll establish enduring friendships, enjoy a broad range of social opportunities in a variety of settings, improve your leadership skills, share in our emphasis on academics, and make important contributions to others through community service.

Contact Director of Expansion & Recruitment Jerod Miles to learn more about the life-changing opportunity to start a new chapter of Acacia, and a new chapter in your life.