Acacia's Coat of Arms, described in full below, is also sometimes referred to as The Crest.


Coat of Arms


From Pythagoras: The Membership Manual of Acacia Fraternity

The Coat of Arms of Acacia was a much-discussed subject in Acacia’s early years, and it was not until 1910 that a formal design was proposed. The 1913 National Conclave adopted a simpler design. In 1927, the present design was adopted, and its description was specified thus:

“The official coat of arms of The Acacia Fraternity shall be composed of a crest, shield, ribbon, and motto. The crest shall be a candelabra supporting three burning tapers within a wreath of acacia. The shield shall consist of a field of gold bearing fess and the two bentlets in black, surmounted by three triangles in gold of the shape and proportion prescribed for the official badge. The ribbon shall be blue. The motto, ‘Human Service,’ shall be inscribed in Greek.”

Prior to the Fraternity’s Centennial in 2004, the Coat of Arms was modernized to take better advantage of modern offset and lithographic printing techniques. While all of the elements remain intact, their rendering was streamlined for better usage in digital mediums, especially the Internet.