What's in a name?

Acacia is unique among men's college fraternities. With a Greek word for our name instead of the typical two to three Greek letters found in other organizations, Acacia offers a membership experience that is similarly unique.

Acacia was founded by fourteen Master Masons at the University of Michigan in 1904, and while our ties to Masonry today are only informal and symbolic, the meaning of our name and other teachings are part of our century-old Ritual. Learn more about Acacia's history.

Acacia today

With over 1,000 collegiate Acacia brothers in 29 active Acacia chapters and 4 colonies across North America - plus over 50,000 alumni around the world - our members are leaders on their campuses, diligent students, and active volunteers in their communities. 

Acacia brothers come together through events like football games and movie nights, the Nite on the Nile social mixer, and philanthropy efforts like the Acacia Claus holiday toy drive and 5cacia 5k run/walk, and countless other events in each chapter and across North America.



Membership in Acacia provides numerous benefits to members, from learning practical skills in leadership and organizational management, to making lifelong friends and professional contacts, to consideration of the esoteric knowledge sought by the learned men of all ages. Membership is open to all collegiate males who are not affiliated with another general social college fraternity. Acacia is a non-discriminatory brotherhood. If there is not an Acacia chapter or colony on your campus, we invite you to explore being a Founding Father of a new chapter.

Facts & Figures

Founded: May 12, 1904

Motto: Human Service

Colors: Black & Gold

> 1,047 active members

> 30 active chapters, 4 colonies

> 53,449 initiated members since 1904

Learn about joining Acacia

If you are a young man seeking to better yourself personally, to become a leader on your campus and in the world, to find success in your professional endeavors, to form lifelong friendships with men of high character, and to serve those around you - Acacia may be the fraternity for you. Whether or not Acacia currently has a chapter or colony on your campus, we would like to hear from you.