The International Conclave

The supreme governing body of Acacia is the International Conclave, which is composed of the International Council and two delegates from each chapter - the Venerable Dean and the Chapter Advisor. Each Council member and delegate is entitled to one vote. International Conclaves convene in the summer of each even-numbered year at rotating sites and address all legislation and constitutional matters affecting Acacia. Constitutional questions acted upon by the Conclave are then also subject to ratification by the active chapters.

In addition to its policy-making and legislative functions, the International Conclave also features leadership programming for undergraduate and alumni members, and is a forum for exchange of information and experiences among attendees. While only the official delegates are entitled to vote, every undergraduate and alumnus is welcome to attend and take part in the many programs, workshops and discussions offered. Every Acacian should try to attend at least one Conclave during his undergraduate years.