International Council

The International Council is the supreme executive and judicial body of Acacia. It implements all legislation passed by the International Conclave, establishes policies to meet situations that may arise between Conclaves, plans the overall programs of the fraternity, directs finances, handles public relations, and approves all international publications. The Council also grants recognition to Acacia colonies, grants and suspends charters, and suspends or expels members as provided in the Laws of Acacia. The International Council generally meets twice per year, though more often when required.

The International Council is composed of eight officers: a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, treasurer, counselor, judge advocate and two undergraduate counselors. Council members are elected by the International Conclave and serve, without pay, for terms of four years. The president, treasurer, and counselor are elected at one Conclave and the two vice-presidents and judge advocate (appointed) two years later, so that there are always experienced members on the Council. Undergraduate counselors are elected for two year terms and are elected at every Conclave.

Scott H. Meyer
St. Cloud State '89
International President

Drew Sherman

Andrew K. "Drew" Sherman
Iowa State '11
First Vice President


Justin M.M. Kaplan
Carleton '07
Second Vice President

Robert W. Mickam
Texas '85
International Treasurer


Jackson H. Aaberg
Missouri '12
International Counselor

Jeffrey Jordan.jpg

Jeffrey H. Jordan
Ohio State '84
Judge Advocate


Jonathan R. Ahrens
Iowa State '15
Undergraduate Counselor


Daniel P. Whelan
Purdue '16
Undergraduate Counselor

Headquarters Staff

The day by day supervision of Acacia affairs, chapter visitations, publications, finances, records, and implementation of policy at the working level are duties of the International Headquarters staff.

The Executive Director oversees all daily operations of the Fraternity’s International Headquarters — chapter operations and expansions, membership records, Leadership Consultants and office staff.


Patrick W. McGovern
Indiana '99
Executive Director


The Assistant Executive Director focuses on financial management, chapter services, chapter reporting to the headquarters, the leadership consultant chapter visitation program, database management, licensing programs, and execution of Acacia educational programs like Conclave, ALA, and the Venerable Dean Summit, among other things. 


Michael S. Weber
Iowa State '06
Assistant Executive Director     


The Director of Communications & Education manages the implementation of the Cornerstones program, Acacia’s educational resources (Gold books, etc.) along with developing Acacia’s primary prevention program (addressing education for our members in the areas of bystander intervention, consent as related to sexual relationships, and alcohol). In addition, he manages all Acacia communication efforts such as The Triad, eNewsletter program, website, and social media. 


Benjamin B. Turconi
California '12
Director of Communications & Education

The Director of Organizational Growth & Services oversees the campus expansion pipeline, colonization and recolonization efforts, and chapter and colony growth.


Jerod K. Miles
Central Oklahoma '09
Director of Organizational
Growth & Services


The Associate Directors work closely with the other Directors to enhance services in their respective areas for all chapters of Acacia.


Ryan J. Ferguson
Illinois State '12
Associate Director of
Growth & Services

CJ Van Antwerp

CJ Van Antwerp
Trine '13
Associate Director of Operations

The Colony Development Coordinator works closely with the other Directors to promote the development of existing colonies.


P. Kodjo Awadjie
Washington State '16
Colony Development Coordinator

The Expansion Coordinators work with staff and volunteers to successfully recruit men for expansion presence on campuses internationally. 


Marshall Farren
Indiana '16
University of California
Expansion Coordinator