Pillar 3 Membership Education.png

Pillar 3: Membership Education

Every member that calls themselves an Acacian should have a consistent “Acacia Membership Experience” — to the extent possible. We want to explore ways to insure our member education occurs in a consistent manner. 

We want to optimize our opportunities to prepare our members to succeed as students and for life after college, including around mental health. 

The better we can help prepare and equip our Chapter Officers to lead, the better they will lead our chapters, the better the fraternity experience for our members.


Joining a fraternity is not an experience with a finite beginning and end point - it’s a journey. We want to ensure all segments of our membership benefit from a continuous experience of learning and growth.

Objective 3.1 - One Membership Experience

  1. To provide a consistent membership education experience for ALL members of Acacia & Facilitate ongoing “traditional Acacia” education and training

  2. Develop a membership education program that is required for all chapters to utilize by Conclave 2020. Implement during 2020-21

Objective 3.2 - Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders

  1. To provide education on life skills in order to prepare our members as successful college students and for life after college

  2. Complete evaluation of existing online life-skills education tools and select tool that will best meet our needs (with potential customization) by Fall 2019.

  3. Implement (with customization to meet our needs) an online life-skills education product by Fall 2020

Objective 3.3 - Promote Resilience

  1. To Provide Education on Mental Health and Wellness to ALL members of Acacia

  2. Provide mental health and wellness education and training to ALL members by September 2020 

Objective 3.4 - Enhance Officer Education

  1. To provide excellent and effective officer training, preparation, and resources

  2. Broaden officer education by expanding the VD Summit, Regional Summits, and / or online training, by January 2020