Founders' Day of Giving

In celebration of the 113th Anniversary of our Fraternity, we are excited to introduce a new initiative from the Acacia Fraternity Foundation – our “Founders' Day of Giving,” scheduled for May 12, 2017. The purpose of this day will be to recognize our Fraternity’s achievements, and in celebrating, drive donations to the Foundation.

The Foundation supports the Fraternity’s leadership training, educational endeavors, the educational portions of fraternity house structures, and scholarships to deserving student Acacians. With a completely new generation of leadership occurring every two to three years, these are areas of operations that require development for our undergraduates and their respective chapters. The original fourteen master masons that founded our great fraternity at the University of Michigan in 1904 knew this, which is why we have labeled the day “Founders' Day of Giving” in their collective honor.

Within the Acacia Ritual, you’ll find the following, “An organization is not necessarily good because it is old, but old because it is good.” With 53,000 members and growing we invite you to celebrate all things black and gold.  This will be a day that all Acacians can find meaningful, the anniversary of our founding.

We hope to make this giving day an annual tradition, one day serving as both a reminder of our history and our commitment to the future of our fine organization. Through these programs and your gifts, we will be able to provide a fine fraternal experience for our future brothers for years to come.

For more information regarding Founders' Day of Giving or, please contact the AFF at

Just remember to #Give1904