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Chapter Award Winners


The Malcolm Award

George A. Malcolm, of which the Malcolm award is named in honor of, was one of the original 14 Founding Fathers. When he arrived in the Philippines in 1906, Brother Malcolm knew not a single person and had less than ten dollars in his pocket. Yet he worked his way up from the position of a temporary voucher clerk to the Dean of the College of Law. From his students came three Presidents of the Philippines, one Chief Justice and seven Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and many other influential people. He later served on the Supreme Court of the Philippines himself — first as an Associate Justice and later as Chief Justice. He would later move on to Puerto Rico to serve as Attorney General.

The Malcolm Award is presented at the biennial Conclave to the chapter which has best exemplified the values of Acacia and excelled in all areas of chapter operations over the previous two-year period. The Malcolm Award, also known as the Founders' Achievement Award, is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a chapter of Acacia Fraternity.

Recipients of the Malcolm Award:


1958 Oklahoma State
1960 Indiana
1962 Purdue
1964 Iowa State
1966 Purdue
1968 Oregon State
1970 Penn State
1972 Penn State
1974 Purdue
1976 Louisiana State
1978 Penn State
1980 Penn State
1982 Purdue
1984 Nebraska
1986 Penn State

1988 Purdue
1990 Oregon State
1992 Indiana
1994 Indiana
1996 Miami (OH)
1998 Indiana & California (tie)
2000 Indiana
2002 Penn State
2004 Indiana & Central Oklahoma (tie)
2006 Penn State
2008 Illinois
2010 Iowa State
2012 Kansas State
2014 Iowa State
2016 Kansas State
2018 Penn State

Conclave 2018 Chapter Award Winners

Malcolm Award: Penn State
Superior Chapter: Iowa State
Outstanding Chapter: Wisconsin
Executive Director's Award - Most Improved: Wisconsin
President's Award - Greatest Growth: Arizona State
Best Young Colony / Chapter: Arizona State
Most Man Miles Traveled: Oregon State
Largest Delegation: Illinois Wesleyan

G.K. Nelson Academic Programming: Wisconsin
Alumni Programming / Alumni Advisory: Kansas State
Best Publication: Cornell And Iowa State
Athletic Achievement: Penn State
Campus Leadership: Wisconsin
Chapter Programming / Membership Education: Purdue
Communication Technology: Iowa State
Dining Operations: Cornell and Indiana
Financial Operations: Illinois, Iowa State, and Nebraska
Good of the Fraternity: Missouri, Central Oklahoma, and Arizona State
House Management: Penn State and Indiana
Human Service: California Of Pennsylvania and Illinois Wesleyan
Membership Recruitment: Wisconsin and Ohio
Officer Organization: Illinois and Penn State
Pledge Education: Iowa State
Ritual Exemplification: Nebraska and Oregon State
Risk Management: Kansas State, Penn State, and Wisconsin