Cornerstones: Acacia's membership development program

Acacia's Cornerstones program provides a foundation upon which our members build habits to succeed on campus and in life after college. With a focus on goal-setting and experiential learning, the Cornerstones Personal Development Program provides a framework for individual success and personal growth. At the chapter level, Cornerstones promotes a combination of guest speakers and presentations that encourage mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth.


Current Members list these benefits of the program:

  • Learning from an Acacian in your own field

  • Creating a bond with an alumnus that will be forever lasting

  • Help with key skills like resume writing, interviewing, budgeting, and more

  • Creating connections with possible future employers

  • Gaining skills and knowledge that match your interests


Alumni list these benefits of involvement with Cornerstones:

  • Being a mentor for tomorrow's leaders

  • A meaningful way for you to pass along knowledge & experience

  • Keeping you active within your home (or nearest) chapter

  • Supporting Acacia with your time & talent instead of your pocket book


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