Pledging and Initiation Requirements 

You are absolutely able to and encouraged to do the following:

  1. Add people to existing pledge classes. There is nothing stopping you from continuing to recruit additional members for your existing pledge class and initiate them at the same time.

  2. Have additional or concurrent pledge classes. It is perfectly acceptable (and in fact, recommended!) to have either a second, or third, pledge period during an academic semester or to even have concurrent classes during a semester (rather than adding to existing classes) each on the same educational track. Don't let an arbitrary academic calendar limit your chapter's success and your chance at additional brotherhood.

Requirements for Initiation

  1. Complete GreekLifeEDU. As part of Acacia's Primary Prevention Program, all members must complete the same baseline education. For questions on this, please reach out to Associate Director of Operations, CJ Van Antwerp, at

  2. Take an Exam.

    • Per the Laws of Acacia:

      • 1-2308. EXAMINATION OF CANDIDATES; PROFICIENCY. After the pledging ceremony and before his initiation, each candidate shall pass a satisfactory examination in the following:

        • (1) Date and place of founding of Acacia.

        • (2) Chapter roll.

        • (3) Names and Addresses on International Officers.

        • (4) Preamble.

        • (5) History, laws, and traditions of the Acacia Fraternity

      • This examination shall be held in an open Fraternity meeting. A majority vote shall be required to decide his proficiency.

  3. Pay Required International Fees.

    • Per the Laws of Acacia:

      • 1-2402. INTERNATIONAL PLEDGE FEE AND INTERNATIONAL INITIATION FEE. Every candidate for membership shall, at the time of pledging, pay to the Fraternity a pledge fee which shall be transmitted by the chapter to the International Headquarters within three (3) days after pledging.

        Every candidate for membership shall, prior to his initiation, pay to the International Fraternity an initiation fee which shall be transmitted by the chapter to the International Headquarters within three (3) days after initiation.

  4. Pledging length. Each Chapter and University may have different requirements for pledge periods. Acacia Fraternity International has no minimum pledge period requirement, but the maximum pledge period may not exceed 8 weeks.