AFF Grows Professional Staff

by Jeff Boaz, Illinois Wesleyan '89

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Thirty-seven years ago, I had no idea what an impact the men of the Illinois Wesleyan Chapter of Acacia would have upon my life.  Those Brothers, who were from the beginning great friends, shared our life’s joys over the decades and, became a source of strength in the challenging times we all face as we travel life’s pathway. Acacia is symbolic of the everlasting and of eternal life. The bonds we all share in our association with Acacia Fraternity are with us until we wrap the draperies of our couch about us.  Those ties have remained strong and have opened many doors to make even more lifelong connections with Brothers beyond Wesleyan. 

Because of Acacia, I have had the opportunity to give the light to a new generation of Acacians as I serve as Chapter Advisor for the Illinois State Chapter. What started as a core group of 7, a few short years ago, has grown to a fifty-man chapter and continues to strive to set in place the cornerstone values of Acacia as the next standard of leadership development for young men. Working closely with college age men has sustained in me a great deal of optimism for the future of not only the Fraternity but, our society in general. Their idealism, and motivation to make a difference in the world they are about to inherit is inspiring. 

Stepping into my new role as Director of Alumni Engagement for the Acacia Fraternity Foundation, I draw upon that optimism. I sincerely believe, if you are reading this you probably do too, that we all desire to build upon the solid foundation that has been set before us. A lasting institution built by the many Brothers who have gone before us and made this Fraternity what it is today. To those ends I will set out to maximize my background in sales and marketing and leverage that with a strong desire to serve both Alumni and the undergraduates of our beloved Acacia. More importantly, I bring a steadfast belief that we, as an organization, can provide a positive learning experience for all who are willing to accept the challenge of becoming an Acacian.

As the newest staff member of the Foundation, I will be working closely with Executive Director Darold Larson to improve upon our outreach and opportunities for Alumni to be involved with all the exciting happenings in Acacia Chapters around the country.  Often the difference between a good Fraternity and a great Fraternity is the existence of a supportive alumni base. This is true at every level from the Chapter to International. 

If you have not found a way to provide that support, whether it is time or treasure, please ask. There are many opportunities where we can work together to bring about a lasting Fraternal experience to all that seek it. 

Give generously of yourself to show your endorsement of our ideals and the men who also say, I am an Acacian. I am proud of it!


Jeff Boaz, Illinois Wesleyan '89
Director of Alumni Engagement
Acacia Fraternity Foundation