Academic Resources

Weekly Schedule template (pdf) * (xls)(xlsx) * – For an individual member to use in planning his week.  Steps described below.

1) Define your Roles (i.e. “student”, “chapter officer”, “son”, “musician”, etc.)

2) Define your Goals & Priorities for the week

3) Fill in your Weekly Schedule with all activities at specific times

4) Define Daily Priorities based on your Weekly Priorities

5) Keep Notes throughout the week of things you want to be reminded of when you do this exercise again

* The basic outline for this Weekly Schedule template is based on the guidelines set forth in Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, with slight adaptations.

Finals Plan of Attack (docx)

Finals Plan of Attack (pdf)

Academic Best Practices (published by Purdue University IFC in 2006)

Study Effectively (published by the Center for Academic Success)

Acacia Academic Progress Report (pdf)