Day 3 at the Acacia Leadership Academy

Fellow Brethren,

Today was Day 3 at the Acacia Leadership Academy. The day was started by the delegates engaging themselves in breakfast at the Acacia chapter house in Bloomington,IN. After which everyone headed out to Nashville,IN where they all participated in some intense rounds of friendly paintball. Members got to battle it out on the open grounds where they played "Capture the Cone", "Storm the Hill" and "Speedball". The cooking staff were generous enough to pack lunches for all the delegates, which they got to enjoy and savour after breaking a sweat at the paintball games.

Following that, all delegates assembled back at the chapter house where Rob Roberson, the Treasurer of the Acacia International Council addressed the group on the topic "Acacia Dollars and You" which emphasized on how the entire financial operations of the fraternity as a whole were conducted and how they could be applied to individual chapters. It was after this presentation that the audience were introduced to "GENERATION Millionaire" by Stephanie Rulli, a financial consultant, educator and Professional speaker who aims to educate the youth of America and show them the path to financial freedom. She provides them with the tools needed to make financial decisions that can yield positive changes that last a liftime. After this all delegates and alumnus were invited to a BBQ/Hog Roast for dinner. During this time, delegates continued their active participation in the Acacia Olympics.

Breakout sessions continued after dinner with a detailed session on Membership Recruitment by Assistant Executive Director Keith Bushey and Director of Membership Recruitment Patrick McGovern. It gave the delegates the chance to learn advanced and strategic tactics they could utilize to increase rush membership every year. This was followed by rituals to begin the initiation of Associate Member Andrew Kaiser from the University of Missouri. His initation will continue into Day 4 at the Masonic Lodge tomorrow.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates tomorrow coming live to you from the 2009 Acacia Leadership Academy in Bloomington, Indiana...