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Acacia Helps Launch Major National Marketing Campaign for Greek Life

There is a new story being told about fraternities and sororities, and the Acacia Fraternity is proud to be a part of it.

A marketing campaign called “ReThink Greek” was launched this fall. It’s described as “A radical national marketing campaign to shape the future of fraternities and sororities. Targeting unexpected students who value a modern approach to Greek Life.” Dozens of campuses and inter/national fraternities and sororities are participating in the campaign through social media, on-campus marketing efforts, and a powerful website that drives recruitment leads directly to our chapters.

The website,, is the central hub of the campaign. Along with all the other marketing materials, the site is aimed at high achieving, low-risk, thoughtful, selfless students and their parents. Read the entire press release and see some of the additional materials here.

The ReThink Greek campaign was born from the lack of a single, positive, inclusive narrative for the entire fraternal industry. Collectively, our organizations are made up of nearly one million undergraduates and nine million people including our alumni. Fraternities and sororities collectively own massive amounts of real estate, we positively impact the lives of a quarter million new students each year, and we are made up of some of the most educated, driven, resourceful members of society -- yet our industry has previously lacked a collective marketing campaign. One of the creators of the ReThink Greek campaign put it simply, “We need a ‘Got Milk’ initiative for fraternity/sorority life.”

ReThink Greek approaches promoting Greek Life from two angles. Through some of the marketing efforts, the campaign makes a direct and bold approach, sharing the power of Greek Life in no uncertain terms. Through other marketing efforts, the campaign takes a more subtle approach — the language, design, videos, and materials speak to students who want something “more than the typical college experience.” In these efforts the campaign is hinting at the wonder of Greek Life, and directing prospective members and their parents to (which redirects to

The campaign was built by Innova (, a marketing company focused growing fraternities and sororities. The company is working hard to shake up the fraternal industry’s expectations of how to market its membership to high performing students. Most organizations and campus fraternity/sorority communities joined the campaign for free.

Our members can participate in ReThink Greek primarily through Social Media or by connecting your campus community with the campaign. Follow @ReThinkGreek on Twitter, Like on Facebook, search and share images tagged with #ReThinkGreek on Instagram, and check out the powerful collection of stories and posts at

Study indicates positive impact of fraternity life

Earlier this month the results of a joint research effort by Gallup, Inc., Purdue University, and the Lumina Foundation highlighted the relationship between the college experience and the life outcomes of graduates. The initial Gallup-Purdue Index measured workplace engagement and overall well-being of more than 30,000 U.S. college graduates and revealed that graduates who joined fraternities and sororities outperform their non-Greek peers in both areas. Additionally, to a greater extent than non-members, fraternity and sorority members tended to strongly benefit from emotional support and experiential and deep learning, and they are more likely to be thriving later in life. READ THE REPORT - National Gallup-Purdue Index Reveals Improved Well-Being Among U.S. College Graduates Who Joined Fraternities and Sororities.

This research helps validate what we in the Greek community have advocated for years and should only enhance our recruiting of new members and bolster our reputation in the higher education and professional worlds. The North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Panhellenic Conference also contributed to Gallup’s efforts.