2014 Strategic Plan - Playing in Rhythm

International Acacia leaders spent several months collaborating over the spring and summer to create the next Strategic Plan for the fraternity. With input from alumni and undergraduates alike, the 2014 Strategic Plan, Playing in Rhythm, was adopted by the 58th Biennial Conclave delegation and outlines the fraternity's vision, objectives, and goals over the next six years. Download the 2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)

2014 Strategic Plan - Playing in Rhythm

Study indicates positive impact of fraternity life

Earlier this month the results of a joint research effort by Gallup, Inc., Purdue University, and the Lumina Foundation highlighted the relationship between the college experience and the life outcomes of graduates. The initial Gallup-Purdue Index measured workplace engagement and overall well-being of more than 30,000 U.S. college graduates and revealed that graduates who joined fraternities and sororities outperform their non-Greek peers in both areas. Additionally, to a greater extent than non-members, fraternity and sorority members tended to strongly benefit from emotional support and experiential and deep learning, and they are more likely to be thriving later in life. READ THE REPORT - National Gallup-Purdue Index Reveals Improved Well-Being Among U.S. College Graduates Who Joined Fraternities and Sororities.

This research helps validate what we in the Greek community have advocated for years and should only enhance our recruiting of new members and bolster our reputation in the higher education and professional worlds. The North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Panhellenic Conference also contributed to Gallup’s efforts.

Cornerstones 2013 update

For over 100 years, Acacia has offered young leaders the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development with our fraternity serving as the foundation. When a member actively serves his chapter, campus, and community, he is exemplifying the ideal Acacia experience. Seven years ago, the International Council and International Conclave adopted a membership development program in support of that vision, and Cornerstones emerged. The program today has evolved from those early days. Cornerstones in action

Cornerstones is a step-by-step program that guides individual members through defining their personal values, setting goals, creating an action plan, and seeking experiential learning opportunities. These activities provide a foundation for success on campus and after college.

At the chapter level, Cornerstones encourages activities like hosting guest speakers, attending a presentation on campus, participating in athletics and the arts, and practicing our motto, Human Service.

This semester we are excited to announce the launch of a new Cornerstones website at This is where active members can find everything they need to get started on the Personal Development Program and where chapters can find ideas to promote learning and personal development within the chapter.

Are you an active member interested in getting started with Cornerstones? Visit the Cornerstones website.

Are you an alumnus with interest in volunteering as a guest speaker or Cornerstones mentor at a local chapter? Send an email to