Undergraduate Involvement

As a student (Pledge or Active Member) you can:

Everything on this page is also recommended for ALUMNI members, but there is also a separate ALUMNI page here

  • Read this blog post: Jumpstart Cornerstones at Your Chapter & take action
  • Adopt & practice the Three Pillars of Cornerstones (Mindset, Planning, Demonstration)
  • Post (privately or publicly) your developmental / educational experiences
  • Be a mentor to a younger member of the chapter
  • Plan & execute a relevant educational presentation for your chapter, at a chapter meeting, or Cornerstones Meeting
  • Discuss the program with potential members & set the expectation that “Cornerstones is what we do here”
  • Participate in an Accountability Group (#3 on this list) at your chapter and attend meetings on a regular schedule
  • Organize an activity/event with a sorority (i.e. a service learning activity, a dining etiquette educational session, etc.)
  • Reflect on any educational/developmental activity by answering 3 Questions:

What? (or “What did you do?”),
So What? (or “What is the lesson learned or the relevant aspect to you?”), &
Now What? (or “What will you do now based on this new experience/ knowledge/ insight?”)


Still need some guidance or direction?  Send questions or feedback to Acacia Headquarters here.