ALA Frequently Asked Questions


Where is ALA?  

The Indiana Acacia Chapter House, at 702 E. Third St., Bloomington, IN, 47406 

Driving directions here (

Where will I eat while in town?

Attendees will be served 3 meals per day, for each full day of the academy. Attendees may also want to bring along enough money to eat out or buy snacks during the week. 

What should I bring to ALA?  

Note: Summers in Indiana are generally hot and humid, so pack accordingly.   

You will need to bring the following items for the week

  • Collared shirts (required at all seminars, breakouts and lectures) 

  • Shorts (khaki & sport shorts) 

  • Toiletry items 

  • Jeans / Khaki pants 

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt, Pants, and Closed-Toed Shoes for Service Project

  • Tennis shoes/basketball shoes for sporting events 

  • Baseball cap 

  • Coat and tie or suit (required for Initiation, Group photo, and Closing Banquet) 

  • Dress shoes & socks 

  • Acacia Badge (to wear during Initiation) 

  • T-shirts (Bring one to swap with other chapters as well) 

  • Notepad & pen to take notes 

  • Laptop (only if necessary) 

  • Any Acacia-related items that you think are relevant (i.e. Recruitment materials, forms, etc.) 

  • Pillow and case*

    *Note:  We will provide pillows/cases for those that fly in. If extraordinary circumstances (such as traveling from another country) prevent those flying in from bringing any of the other items listed above, please contact

Items provided

  • All bed linens and a light blanket

  • (2) Shower towels 

  • (1) Wash cloth 

Will there be WiFi access?  


Other Questions? 

Contact Michael Weber, Assistant Executive Director, at or (515) 291-8718.