Pillar 2: Communications

We must effectively & accurately promote the organization in order to get men to join, to find expansion opportunities, to recruit alumni as volunteers, to maintain organizational integrity, and achieve important objectives.

The more Acacia Brothers who can efficiently and effectively tell their “Why Acacia?” story* (i.e. Why did you join? Why are you involved?) the better our members will attract the right new members and the better we will combat negative stereotypes. 

We want to tell the Acacia Story on the platforms (email, social media, etc.) that our members frequent, to make connecting with Acacia easy and we want continue to adapt in this area. 

To harness the potential impact of our alumni members in order to get them involved in supporting Acacia, the Fraternity (and our chapters) must increase proactive and consistent communications and support. 


With a reinvigorated brand and an improved communications network, Acacia is prioritizing communications in order to bring brothers together.

Objective 2.1 - Elevate Acacia Brand

  1. Raise Awareness of Acacia Brand and maintain consistency in Acacia Brand

  2. Educate chapters and members on the new Acacia brand strategy and how to use it in chapter operations starting in the 2018-19 academic year, and every semester through 2022

  3. Educate alumni on the new message starting 2018-19 academic year, and every semester through 2022

Objective 2.2 - Amplify myFraternity Stories

  1. Aid and assist brothers in telling their “Why Acacia” story

  2. Help each chapter develop their “Why Acacia” story and a clear brand for their campus starting in the 2018-19 academic year, then annually through 2022

Objective 2.3 - Boost Social Content

  1. Increase social media relevance, content, & following

  2. Double the number positive “Acacia Stories Told”† by May 2019; triple the number by 2020

  3. Publish one (1) video post per month during the academic year

Objective 2.4 - Increase Alumni Communications

  1. Increase regular communications to our alumni with alumni-specific content

  2. Publish a regular “Advisor Bulletin” to specifically target Chapter Advisors and House Corp. Presidents by Spring 2019

  3. Publish alumni-related content (e.g. how to engage your alumni base, etc.) by Fall 2019


*The Acacia Story is our collective response to the question - What is Acacia and why does it matter? The Acacia Story consists of those things that distinctively make us Acacians. The Acacia Story is written by our daily actions in our communities.

Acacia Stories Told consists of all verified internal and external communications by our members, our chapters, our alumni, and the International Fraternity to raise awareness of Acacia, to promote the Acacia brand / story, and to combat negative stereotypes about fraternity men.