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Pillar 4: Alumni Engagement

The more the chapter provides consistent engagement opportunities, the more alumni will interact, get acquainted, and get involved with the chapter.

One of the greatest resources of the Fraternity are our alumni members. In order to cultivate interest in alumni volunteering to work with chapters we must communicate ways in which they can engage & stay involved with the Fraternity.


Acacia Fraternity. Not just four years, but for life. We are committed to improving the lifelong Acacia experience and expanding opportunities for alumni engagement.

Objective 4.1 - Strengthen Advisory Support

  1. Establishing and strengthen Alumni Advisory Teams & develop accessible training for Advisors

  2. Host quarterly Chapter Advisor “town halls”/ video chats, starting Spring 2019

Objective 4.2 - Boost Chapter Alumni Engagement

  1. Boost alumni engagement with chapters

  2. Encourage every chapter to complete the following three items, annually, by May 2020:  

    • (1) Two or more Newsletters per year

    • (2) Verified alumni speakers for Cornerstones talks, 

    • (3) Host or help plan an Annual Alumni event

  3. Acacia HQ to Include alumni engagement training for undergraduates at Conclave/ALA/VD Summit starting with VD Summit 2019

Objective 4.3 - Encourage Alumni Involvement

  1. Grow the number of involved alumni and establish individual relationships between member & Fraternity

  2. Verify 50% of chapters completion of Alumni Induction Ceremony by May 2019; 75% by May 2020; 90% by May 2021; sustain 90%

  3. Provide tools & resources for Alumni-to-Alumni engagement by August 2021