Darold W. Larson Acacia Leadership Academy Blog – Day One

Welcome from ALA! Sunshine and blue skies greeted our attendees at the start of ALA and energy was high as members began filtering in from all across the country. The ALA elected the following officers to serve on the executive team for the week:


Venerable Dean: Brandon P. Brodsky, Penn State '15

Senior Dean: Michael P. Foy, Wisconsin '14

Treasurer: Greg J. Schultz, Cornell '16

Secretary: Ritter M. Krueger, Missouri '16

Brotherhood Chair: Michael C. Bender, Missouri '16

Risk Manager: P. Kodjo Awadjie, Washington State '16

Senior Steward: Brandon D. Main, Wisconsin '16

Junior Steward: AJ Neu, Indiana '17


We will keep you updated each night on our progress, stay tuned for more details!