ChapterSpot / ACACIAconnect Demo Videos

In an effort to continue to provide relevant educational materials to our chapters, the team at ChapterSpot has hired another member that will be totally focused on educating chapters that have signed up for the service, which of course includes all Acacia Fraternity Chapters. The videos, accessible at the link below, were created with a general ChapterSpot account, so it will not look exactly like ACACIAconnect, but it is very similar.

Communications Web Video: Dues Part 1: Dues Part 2: Dues Part 3: Events: Reports: Docushare: Polls and Surveys:

Links specific to ACACIAconnect: MyCornerstones function on ACACIAconnect: Service Hours function on ACACIAconnect:

Please let Acacia Headquarters know if there are any other videos that would be helpful for you in learning about and demonstrating ACACIAconnect by emailing to