2013-2014 AFF Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation awarded 141 scholarships over the past year from chapter scholarship programs and the General Fund. The following major scholarship recipients were announced at the William A. Utic Acacia Fraternity Foundation Scholarship Luncheon during Acacia's 58th Biennial Conclave in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 1, 2014:

2013-2014 AFF Scholarships

George F. Patterson, Jr. Foundation Scholarship ($3,000) Joe L. Webb, Iowa State '12

Duncan McPherson Fraternityship ($3,000) Ross M. Allen, Kansas State '12

David J. Allen Scholarship ($2,000) Cody J. Herald, Nebraska '12

2014 Acacia Fraternity Foundation Scholarships ($1,000) Cody M. Beat, Central Oklahoma '11 Wicitra Mahotama, Iowa State '11 Gabriel J. McCoy, Iowa State '11 Ryan M. Haefke, Kansas State '14 Cody A. Kennedy, Kansas State '12 Ryan E. Ward, Texas '11

Emma C. Allen Memorial Scholarships ($1,000) Drew K. Sherman, Iowa State '11 Sabarinath Sankaranarayanan, Ohio State '12

Acacia Fraternity Foundation Fraternityship - Leadership & Service Award ($2,000) Christian P. Robillard, Carleton '12