ACACIAconnect Screencasts

One of the exciting presentations that was given at the 2011 Acacia Leadership Academy was about a new resource for all of our chapters called "ACACIAconnect".  Acacia Headquarters has teamed up with a company, ChapterSpot ( to bring ACACIAconnect to life (

 ACACIAconnect has 2 main features: (1) a chapter management & communications interface, & (2) a public website editor.

The chapter management & communications interface allows our chapters to do many things related to chapter operations, including but not limited to: creating an events calendar, sending mass txt messages, setup and use email listserves, manage recruitment process, take polls among chapter members, and track chapter finances.

The public website editor allows our chapters to create & maintain high quality public websites without needing an expert at HTML to update and keep the site relevant.  If you can update your Facebook page, you can perform all of the actions needed to keep your site updated.

While we are just getting started on using ACACIAconnect, we thought it would be useful to do a few instructional videos for those of you trying to use it, as well as to demonstrate the resource to alumni who might be interested.  The links below will take you to some screencasts, so you can get a picture of how to use ACACIAconnect.

Any & all chapter questions related to ACACIAconnect should be directed to the following email address:

Cornerstones demo:
ACACIAconnect_ MyCornerstones v3