Ways to Boost Traffic to ACACIAconnect

The TOP 3 Ways to Instantly Boost Traffic to your ACACIAConnect Website…
Tip #1: Get your brothers to post your website link on Facebook
Send your brothers an ACACIAConnect Message or Text Message telling them to post your chapter’s website on their wall. This will get you new visitors almost immediately. (By the way, has your webmaster put a Facebook Like on your website yet?)
Tip #2: Make sure your University has the right website on their IFC/Greek Life website
      This one’s easy, but significant amount of traffic will come from your school. This is also a surefire and easy way to get your website ranked higher on Google and other search engines. 

Tip #3: Ask ACACIA HQ to Tweet your website!

         Have you posted some good content? Email us and we’ll tweet out your website!
Stay tuned for next week’s article: “The 5 Most Effective Widgets your Homepage should have for Maximizing Recruitment”