Michael S. Weber, Iowa State ’06, promoted to Director of Operations


Michael S. Weber, Iowa State '06Acacia is excited to announce the promotion of Michael S. Weber, Iowa State ’06, to Director of Operations. In his first 10 months of service as Director of Expansion & Recruitment, Brother Weber demonstrated excellent work in areas beyond that of his job title. Said Executive Director Patrick McGovern, "Michael continues to bring a very valuable skill set to the Headquarters staff, and it is time to recognize his vital contributions to Acacia operations in areas beyond expansion. As a past Venerable Dean and Undergraduate Counselor, Michael sees clearly how all parts of international fraternity operations fit together and knows how to best utilize our resources to complete projects and achieve our goals."

During his undergraduate tenure, Brother Weber served as Venerable Dean, Undergraduate Counselor on Acacia's International Council, Chapter Secretary, Chaplain and Junior Steward. Michael also led the Government of the Student Body as Speaker and Vice Speaker of the Senate. Acacia has recognized Brother Weber’s achievements with the 2011 Roy C. Clark Award, the Order of Pythagoras Award, and the George F. Patterson, Jr. Scholarship.

"Michael's work in the areas of accounting and bookkeeping have been specifically crucial. He is an ideal team player who is willing to dedicate long hours of work on difficult tasks, and his work is of top quality. Simply put, he gets it," added McGovern.

Brother Weber is originally from Ames, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University in May 2011 with a B.S. in Family, Finance, Housing and Policy.

Says Brother Weber, "I’m excited to continue to serve the fraternity and develop our day-to-day operational practices, and to grow the fraternity."

Send Michael a note of congratulations at mweber@acacia.org.