Our theme for the 2018 Acacia Strategic Plan is “Building Men of Action”. The theme speaks to the fact that joining Acacia, and membership in our fraternity, is not a finite point in the development of one’s character.

Rather, it is a journey that Acacians go on together. This is not a group of men that consider their journey of personal development complete, rather, it is a group of men who come together to grow together and build themselves into the men they aspire to be. 

Further, it speaks to our calling as Acacians to “take a more active part and have a greater influence in the communities in which we reside.” A calling to be Men of Action

Download a copy of the 2018 Strategic Plan (pdf)
Download a copy of 10 Things You Can Do to Support the 2018 Strategic Plan (pdf)

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Pillar one: Growth

The fraternity has the largest total membership in over twenty-four years and we intend to continue that trend of growth. Because Acacians are Men of Action, we are ready to appeal to a new generation of college students.

-Reinforce Active Chapters
-Expand Acacia

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Pillar Two: Communications

With a reinvigorated brand and an improved communications network, Acacia is prioritizing communications in order to bring brothers together.

-Elevate Acacia Brand
-Amplify myFraternity Stories
-Boost Social Content
-Increase Alumni Communications

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Pillar Three: Membership Education

Joining a fraternity is not an experience with a finite beginning and end point. We want to ensure all segments of our membership benefit from a continuous experience of learning and growth.

-One Membership Experience
-Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders
-Promote Resilience
-Enhance Officer Education

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Pillar Four: Alumni Engagement

Acacia Fraternity. Not just four years, but for life. We are committed to improving the lifelong Acacia experience and expanding opportunities to alumni engagement.

-Strengthen Advisory Support
-Boost Chapter Alumni Engagement
-Encourage Alumni Involvement